Water Proofing

Water damaged ChimneyWaterproofing is another very important maintenance procedure that drastically improves the life span of your chimney. Having a qualified professional seal your chimney on a regular basis can prevent costly repairs down the road. Waterproofing or sealing your chimney applies a breathable coat of protection to your chimney that prevents water from absorbing in while allowing the chimney to “breath.” A chimney needs to breath just like your house, during temperature changes water vapor will form on the inside of your chimney in the form of condensation, if there is no air traffic then this condensation can be very destructive.

In the photo to the right you will notice a very common chimney problem called spalling. This happens when moisture gets into the masonry through any number of paths like direct absorption through the face, intrusion through cracks in the joints’ face or crown, or excessive condensation. Once enough moisture is contained in the masonry and is subjected to multiple freeze thaw cycles the constant expansion and contraction these temperature cycles create cause the surface of the masonry to “pop” off and further expose the chimney to moisture problems.

A good quality routinely applied sealer can go a long way toward preventing this and other types of moisture problems in your chimney.

Another very common moisture problem in masonry is called Efflorescence, this is caused when excessive or persistent moisture is present in masonry structures like chimneys. The moisture present on the interior of the chimney and masonry dissolves calcium components of the masonry and transfers them to the surface as the moisture seeks a way out of the masonry. Once on the surface the water portion of this solution evaporates leaving behind that white stuff on your chimney. Efflorescence is sometime very difficult to remove once it forms, and can be frustrating when it reforms after extensive efforts to clean it off. The solution starts with fixing the moisture problem and sealing your chimney may be all it takes.